An acronnym used after a funny thing: Rolling on floor laughing.
Lol man that was hilarious!!

Yeah i know ... rofl ...
by XXxxSupermanxxXX October 14, 2007
An acronym for "rolling on the floor laughing". Typically a stronger, but equally as often ill-used version of lol.
"that's so funny rofl"
by Trafton August 02, 2003
The act of laughing so hard that you pee a little bit.
Isaiah- "Did you see Jez trip over that bench?"
Micah- "Yeah, I ROFLed!"
by CountryBoy95 August 01, 2011
ROFL is an internet acronym meaning R.olling O.n the F.loor L.aughing
did u hear? she failed the exam last week!!! ROFL
by WOAHkupkakez100 July 06, 2010
Short for "Rolling On the Floor Laughing". Could be used when whatever has been said/sent is too funny for a LOL or LMFAO.
"The dog is humping ma leg"

"U serious?"

"Yh i cnt get her off"

"ROFL ^_^ "
by [MentallyUnsound] January 04, 2009
Rolling on the floor laughing
<eLMo> goatsex?
<Cindy> rofl
<eLMo> eww
by %00 August 10, 2008
To use a UAV jammer in Call of Duty 4 and hide somewhere among the map that one is in a game at. This is done the best in a team tactical with 2 other friends where the match is a "team deathmatch." It is used to make the other team mad and is funny when one has the eavesdrop perk also equipped.
Chris: "I'm so good at rofling, they can't even find me. That's what's up."

mnky: "rofl. haha me too. rofling is so fun. oh my goodness he walked right by me."
by Constable Joker June 17, 2008

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