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Run Over Flamingo's Leg
Oh my goodness bro my cars so dirty from all that ROFLing yesterday!
by Hardstyle ROFLer September 07, 2009
Acronym for Rolling on the Floor Laughing. A word that only nuubs and nerds care to say aloud. And a word more commonly used then lol. It can be mixed with other words, phrases, and acronyms, to form awkward AND unnecessary chat slang, such as ROFLCOPTER, or ROFL MY WAFFLES (lego me eggo), or ROFL MUH NIG!
"Yo dude, I just dropped my iPod touch in the toilet!"
"Haha yes I agree! Stupid Apple!"

In Reality:
"Hey dude I just lost all my lunch money on the bus!"
"......You kiss your mother with that mouth?"
by iDiMitRi October 19, 2008
ROFL is an abbreviation for 'rolling on (the) floor laughing', usually used in a similar context as 'LOL'.
ROFL is usually used with text talk and/or incorrect grammar.
LOL !!! That joke left me ROFL!
Person 1: (Insert funny joke here) Person 2: LOL! Person 3: ROFL!!!!!
by inkybinky3 December 01, 2013
rhymes with waffle
rofl i see a waffle
by o_o! December 04, 2008
Rolling On the Floor Laughing

For some reason, I like this better than lol.
Intensify this by changing it to:

rofl my waffles
rofl Jaime sharted himself on the bus
by StatenIslander January 04, 2008
ROFL is text/chat language for Rolling on floor laughing
Friend: I just face faceplanted into a pile of horse shit

Me: Ahahaha ROFL
by dwyer000 May 04, 2012
Scooby Doo's pronunciation of the word 'waffle'
Shaggy: "What do you want for breakfast, Scoob?"

Scooby: "Rofl!"
by Sam I Am the second June 13, 2011