1. A truck. Usually a big truck, or a commercial truck with the trailer unattached. But it can refer to ANY vehicle.
This word is extrememly common in Northern Cali.
2. It can also mean to fix something haphazardly. As in Jimmy-rig.
1."The four wheel drive on my rig is broken"
"Go hop in the rig, it's time to go!"
2. "The hose was broken so we rigged it with tape."
#rigg #jimmy rig #truck #fix #vehicle
by tynblina August 01, 2007
Top Definition
Rig is an Australian slang word that defines a well fit chick/bloke. They contain a hot body and a face that does not need plastic surgery.
That minga's friend is a fucking RIG!!!
#hot #sexy #rig #attractive #hunk #chick #girl #guy
by Craigmacca August 26, 2008
a computer. the word is commonly used by DIY computer geeks or hardcore computer gamers
dude check out the new rig i just built
by the guy July 25, 2004
It's slang for a needle/syringe used for shooting things up veins and into thighs and the like.
Man, having all this heroin around wont do me shit unless i score on a rig.
by Shabaho Jones February 04, 2004
An adjective most commonly used to enlighten fellow male acquaintances that a woman with outstanding breast or derrière is within the vicinity.

Often shouted or spoken loud enough to make sure every male within the area can be made aware of the spectacular sight.
Freddy: RIGS!

Jonny: Where, where?!

Freddy: 2 o'clock, walking past the bus stop...

Jonny: Offt! Great shout mate
#rigs #fit #sexy #hot #classy #milf #shout #women #beneficial
by YeahJord February 07, 2013
A super popular slang term for needles that drug users use to inject their drugs with.
Hey, I really need to get a fix, got any clean rigs?
#needles #syringes #insulin syringes #cleanliness #biohazard #injecting #shooting up
by TwiggyK September 16, 2006
Hypodermic needle and syringe. Addict use.
You need a rig to fix up.
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003
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