a beautiful or extremely attractive female.
wow look at that girl over there. she's such a rig.
by JaneDoe. May 25, 2008
What George Bush did to the election in 2000 and 2004
Damn mother fucka, we gots another 4 years under this brother suppressor.
by Karl Marx November 04, 2004
To tamper with something so the outcome benefits a pre-chosen person or group.
I didn't win the million dollar prize, so I reckon the damn competition must be rigged.
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
An apparatus, usually of glass, designed for vaporizing medical marijuana concentrates. Most rigs are designed to be used in conjunction with a titanium nail, glass dome and dabber, though domeless nails are also commonly implemented. Rigs or 'oil rigs' can be differentiated from standard bongs and pipes by the ground glass joint they exhibit. Oil rigs have male joints (referred to as 'direct inject' within the industry) whereas other scientific glass bongs designed for bud have a female ground joint.
Yo, pass me that rig, I wanna rip some monster dabs.
by dabrigs July 31, 2013
1. to tamper with the results of something

2. a large truck
My half-brother used to have job driving a rig.
by Light Joker February 23, 2006
A sound system. Especially one putting on or participating in underground free parties. (UK.)
"Where's the fucking rig man?? He said he's be here by 10."

"Yeah man, my mate Dave, 'e's got this major rig, must be a hundred an' fifty K."
by bryn July 22, 2003
geek speak for - A computer system
I put a new Dual core chip in my rig, now everything loads a lot quicker.
by Greg Keane April 12, 2006
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