Slang for an an e-cig
Aye dish me that rig bruh, or "let me hit that rig breh"
by The frozen boner January 07, 2014
An attractive male.
Wow...Garrett Hedlund is SUCH a rig!
by thinkorswim August 16, 2010
A really good looking girl preferably a slut that everyone would love to root.
"That girl is such a fucking rig"
"I was at this party surrounded by frothing rigs"
"All I do is sit around and fuck rigs all day"
by Julian55 December 20, 2009
A small bong
Can you buy me a rig?
by hiddenidentity January 20, 2014
Originally used by Oregon, U.S.A residents as a substitute for "truck". Now refers to any motor vehicle.
Goofus: Cherry rig, dude.
Rufus: Yep - Dad bought the Gremlin new in '74. Now she's all mine!
by spadra October 22, 2008
large soundsystems used at free parties and raves
that rave was sick, they had 12 massive rigs!
by 1blh July 08, 2012
hot person
"check out that rig over there"
by sabdawgs December 25, 2011

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