A noun/interjection that refers to two people socializing in such a way that could be seen as a romantic interaction. Also used as a verb (usually in the context of "rigging it up") in order to point out a person's recent rigs.
As a verb:
Person 1: Hey man, did you see Sally rigging it up with Alex the other day?
Person 2: Yeah, they're totally going out together. I mean, why else would you invite someone to a coffee shop with just the two of them?
As a noun:
Jacob asked Ashley to homecoming? That's such a rig.
As an interjection:
Boy: So... wanna hang out at that coffee place later?
Girl: Sure! Why wouldn't I?
Annoying Eavesdropper: RIG!!!!!
by eagle's kite May 31, 2016
A really good looking girl preferably a slut that everyone would love to root.
"That girl is such a fucking rig"
"I was at this party surrounded by frothing rigs"
"All I do is sit around and fuck rigs all day"
by Julian55 December 20, 2009
Originally used by Oregon, U.S.A residents as a substitute for "truck". Now refers to any motor vehicle.
Goofus: Cherry rig, dude.
Rufus: Yep - Dad bought the Gremlin new in '74. Now she's all mine!
by spadra October 22, 2008
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