a ciggarette, a smoke, a shmoke if you will.
Yo brosef you want to go burn a rig?

Toss me a rig bro.
by mcknizzle April 10, 2008
The male Penis
Hey Ashley Come over here and suck this Rig.

I went to Eryca's last night and she tugged my Rig.

Last night me and Mark went to Lilly's for a sponge bath and a rig tug.
by Fury18 April 03, 2010
A rig is a very loose word that refers to many things. The most common definitions are items you can accessorize, as “to rig” means to customize, or change.

Some different categories of rigs are, guitar rigs, and computer rigs.
Awesome, man. Your bass solo is going to sound a whole lot better with the bass whammy in your rig.
by Mandskull April 02, 2007
Your computer. You built it yourself (because you're not a dumbass who wastes money), opening the case, screwing in the mobo, attaching the GPU, CPU, RAM, Power Supply, what have you, you install an operating system of your choice and you care for it over the years. You upgrade its GPU every know and then, and ocassionally its CPU/motherboard. The contents of the case may change, but in the end it's still your rig, albeit with some new tricks.
In the boxes above, link to other words with square brackets. For example, booty will become booty.rig
by Rod_Jonse June 15, 2013
random internet guy/girl
Student: Oh, who's that guy she's with upstairs? Is that her boyfriend?
Housemate: No, that's just a R.I.G. shes a rigger.
by westside gangsta May 15, 2011
anything...... if you look at something and don't right away remember what it is called then it is a rig. generally you will be pointing at the object in question.
"hey fuckmook, can you hand me that rig"
by ben January 25, 2004
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