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1. The word rigged is used to describe situations where unfair advantages are given to one side of a conflict.
2. Describes the side of the a conflict that holds an unfair advantage.
Fury: Jesus, good gets more/better troops, more invincible observers, AND more/better heroes. Just a TAD bit rigged.
Aragorn(13): stfu it fare mordor strong

jenarikd2plaer: i <3 sorces dey so rigged!
by EternalFury August 22, 2005
1. Centered on one's self. Selfish. Derived from the latin words "ego" meaning "I," and "centric" meaning "focused upon."

2. Philosophical theory stating that everyone is stranded in their own private universe and cannot truely know or be known by anyone else.

3. Dense. Referring to a person who assumes their first throught is correct every time.
Fury: Oh crap, I just got hacked!
Phy: My guild just beat a boss in WOW :D
Fury: ...egocentric mofo.

I can't help but be a little egocentric.

ButcherOrgg: Americans need to ban all guns like us!
Fury: Think maybe you're being egocentric?
by EternalFury July 18, 2005
Describes an individual with the ability to cure ails, be they physical or mental.

In RPGs, these players are the most vital and therefore the least likely to be experienced.

In 3D shooters, after you kill someone, these are the players who rush madly into your crosshairs and are promptly pumped full of lead.
Fury: Everyone ready?
Everyone: yeah!
Fury: Yaar!
Fury: Ok, I'm poisoned. Need to be cured.
Fury: Hello? Healers?
Fury: wtf??
Monk2318: bak

You have killed cobra-killer-86
You have killed freehealth4u
You have killed cobra-killer-86
by EternalFury December 11, 2005
Used specifically in StarCraft maps. This is the excuse of any complete noob when he asks for a 4 vs 1 in a map designed for 2 vs 1.
Fury: 4 vs 1 eh?
aragorn65: it fair mordor strong
by EternalFury August 22, 2005
This term is used specifically in the game Battlefield 2. It is the only full-proof method of teamkilling someone without being punished. Jet throwing is executed as follows:
1.) Obtain a jet.
2.) Find your target.
3.) Gain altitude.
4.) Fly directly at your target.
5.) Jump out of the jet at the last second.
6.) Laugh your ass off.
This method of teamkilling works even when teamdamage is disabled.
greefer56: Negative.
greefer56: Negative.
greefer56: No way man.
greefer56: Negative.
*EternalFury starts jet throwing*
greefer56 is no more.
greefer56: WTF
greefer56 is no more.
greefer56: FAGGET
greefer56 is no more.
by EternalFury February 29, 2008
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