large soundsystems used at free parties and raves
that rave was sick, they had 12 massive rigs!
by 1blh July 08, 2012
Verb from of rigor mortis used by the running community.
He started the race too fast and really rigged at the end.
by runner geek September 14, 2011
1. geek term
2. car/truck... i think.
♪No more gas in the rig
Can't even get it started.♪

"Oh my goodness, guys!" -sniffle- "look at the rig THAT guy made! it's AMAZING!"
by awhaa February 27, 2009
Refering to what one is wearing or outfit.
"This is my civilian rig."
by Lil Zach July 10, 2008
A term used in reference to genitalia. Most commonly used in reference to the male penis, though it can also be used to refer to vagina. Predominantly used in Australia
'wtf is that?'
'oh man, just getting my rig out'

'did u get rig?'
'yeah, got rig'
by Frank Ruberi June 13, 2008
Random Ike Guy

At COT4 (Clash of the Titans 4), the biggest brawl tourney ever, a ike player with no tag who was playing against many top players and either got 3 stocked or jv 3 stocked by all of them.

He was so amazing that he took one stock off of Anther and he is now a legend in the smash community as RIG
everyone want a MM with RIG because RIG is top tier.
by DoombIaze February 08, 2009
Short for cigarette, more commonly used in Canada
"Hey, you want to go smoke a rig?"
by dbrassard01 March 17, 2010

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