R.G. is a rising gang in Worcester,Massachusetts. It was started by three original members. R.G. stands for "Renegade Gang" or "Renegade Gangstas". R.G. is around Main South, Green Hill Park, and other parts of Worcester. They are also known to have the moniker "187" which means homocide and stands for the gang because the letter "R" is the 18th letter of the alphabet and the letter "G" is the 7th letter of the alphabet. R.G. used to be known as "R.T.D.", Ride To Die, or "Y.V.L.", Young Vice Lords.
by D-Major April 18, 2009
A slang word used to describe someone that has an extremely large, and hairy penis.
Susan, last night Dan fucked me. I was surpised to see that he is rg
by Mark Phillips January 16, 2005
"real girl" - Used in the campy lingo of gay men (where everything masculine is turned feminine) to refer to an actual girl. Might be used to distinguish a real girl among drag queens, or a real "she" among she's.
No you don't understand girlfriend, this Mary, she's an R.G.
by FAB-U-LESS November 22, 2004
Abbr. An offset to the very popular RD, RG meaning basically a nameless Random Girl. This is a very rare site to any sausage party. These fine specimens are warmly welcomed every time.
"Last night was awesome I fucked some RG after I beat some RD's ass. I wonder what her name was?
by Mike June 09, 2003
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