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1. (n) An uber l33t type of software compression. (v) to compress something using the RAR compression.
2. A roar; A sign of aggression
Dude, I RARed up your pr0n for you.
You compressed it with RAR?!
by shavedGERBIL February 23, 2003
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rar is a compression method for many files using any 32bit program, as well as a word i use for anything and everything
something that's said as a conversation starter; rar!

also you know when you wwant to say something but the word escapes you? rar takes its place 100% of the time ;)
by Ry | ThoRNe December 22, 2004
a phrase used when 1)someone is angry and doesnt know what to say, 2)someone is trying to imitate a lion or tiger, or 3)as a form of greeting
"rar whassupppp homie??"
"oh nothin you?"
by stripes8 January 09, 2005
Used by people who come from London England. Means cool, wicked.
Rar man that new track is phat.
by Kunzi May 01, 2003
Random Asian Running Syndrome - Asian kids on campus that are always SPRINTING to class, whether they are late or not, have RARS. Frequent strains of RARS cause a sudden stop in running, followed by a walk - What was it about that moment that they decided it was okay to walk instead? Why not jog? Overpacked backpacks are also a common symptom of RARS. Lunch boxes and non-weather appropriate dress have also been linked to RARS.
"Why is that Asian kid running with his backpack on?"
"He has RARS."
by notRacist justTruth February 10, 2014
Or a Random Act of Reassurance. An unanticipated act or occurrence solely intended to reassure someone that the person responsible for the act is so incredibly into her it’s borderline creepy. RARs often times occur during periods of separation and, if done properly, have the power to erase any doubt the recipient might be having about how unbelievably stoked the initiator of the act is to have her in his life.
This dick pic Nate sent me today has to be my favorite RAR yet!
by NateInFargo July 23, 2014
1) a term used in reference of extreme frustration.
2) a term used in reference of extreme sexual pleasure.
3) a prehistoric sound, aka pterodactyl.
"rar!!! I hate boys!"

"rar!!!"...heavy panting and naked bodies

"rar!!! Did you see that? I think there's a pterodactyl in our apartment!"
by Ashley/Tracey Clark May 07, 2007
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