A filler word used in awkward silences, times of excitement, or to replace any word that one cannot think of.
You use "rar" when there is nothing else to say, and you are just sitting around with a bunch of randoms, and you want attention.
by Amanda Hoffman December 11, 2007
RAR is just another word for LOL, but in spanish
lol=Laughing Out Loud
RAR=Riendome Afuera Recio
Man foo tu eres un baboso....RAR...
by darkmasteroo September 15, 2006
a cute thing to say when your out of ideas.
rar I r Angried at meh engrish! ^_^
by Zett August 01, 2004
The abbreviation of the cru called Rage Against Rudies. Its a British fing!
Gang Member: "You Stupid Rudies! Get Some Normal Clothes"
Rudey: "Mummy! Help!"
by John DJ February 20, 2004
1. To be said to show anger or victory

"Johnny ditched me! RAR!"
"We won the soccer game! RAR!"
"Johnny ditched me! RAR!"
"We won the soccer game! RAR!"
by coach Zizi December 21, 2003
1. A good way to start a conversation
2. What you say when the conversation dies down
3. A way to make Ashleee smile
Person 1: RAR!!!!
Person 2: I'm british!!!
by ashleee December 09, 2003
A noise i say wen i am bored....a sound effect
ME: Im soo bored rar
Some1 else: Yeah me too rar
by MK July 08, 2003
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