Rich Arse Holes - name given to people of a high social class.
The RARs at the university don't mix with us- nobody likes them
by Sarahbeth123 August 11, 2007
RAR, stands for Royal Australian Regiment. Infantry - Australian Defence Force
that soldier is from 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2 RAR)
by Weapon63 September 24, 2006
an exclamation of horniness used to denote pleasure.
Do you think that chick's hot? Rar!
by Momanon September 15, 2003
1. A sound made by my beastly self.
2. A sound made by an angered male creature of the kingdom, "animal"
3. Sound made by a male animal to signal horniness.
"Rar" signaled the lion to his feline companion
by Yoda April 28, 2003
rape. a. rock
u mite think it means rawr as in a lion but it has been changed into a command that is a mandatory disgrace towards someone that you dislike
hey watsup?
ugh just go rar
wat y?
cuz i hate u!
by egg0 September 29, 2011
rar means you have a bob that doesnt seem to move out of place as you have dead rats in it like hollys.
"WOAH! Check her rars out |:"

"get yer rars out!"

by Gaffa (: March 24, 2008
A quick way of saying Ross and Reid in reference to the two characters Robbie Ross and Jackie Reid in the TV show Taggart. Used mainly in fan fic summaries.
This is another RAR fic.
by AlternativeRocker July 14, 2009
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