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RaR is allways a prefix or a suffix. It can mean or be used as a number of things. a)You meet some one new and have no way to start up a conversation. In this case RaR is a prefix.Ex RaR, Hows it going or RaR how bout them yankess. b)A way to break a akward silence in a conversation that has died. Ex RaR, Talk to me im bored, RaR wtf why you guys stop talking or even just RaR!.
C)A way of gloating Ex. Look at that 90% i got on that test RaR. You just won a race you go and chat with the spectators RaR!.
RaR, Havent seen you here befor
RaR, Why did you guys stop talking
RaR, I nailed that test
by Jerry December 22, 2004
If you're rar, it means you are strange.
Norwegian: Du er så rar!
English: You are rar!
You are strange!
by YO March 17, 2004
1. A good way to start a conversation
2. What you say when the conversation dies down
3. A way to make Ashleee smile
Person 1: RAR!!!!
Person 2: I'm british!!!
by ashleee December 09, 2003
To be sad to some one( mean)
man wat u did to her was rar.
numb 1) Pass me dat remote
numb2) do it urself
numb 1) aw man wat u bein rar 4
by AMZSTA September 04, 2006
An acronym for raw anal rampage
I fucked your mom in the ass so hard. She loves the RAR.
by petey wheatstraw April 20, 2005
something my cousin always uses when something good happens
sick man that goal was rar
by MC Raider July 24, 2004