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1. (n) An uber l33t type of software compression. (v) to compress something using the RAR compression.
2. A roar; A sign of aggression
Dude, I RARed up your pr0n for you.
You compressed it with RAR?!
by shavedGERBIL February 23, 2003
The legendary being behind the musical score of the Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy 6 or Final Fantasy X.

Do you accept Nobuo Uematsu as your personal lord and saviour?
Nobuo Uematsu's going to do the musical score for Final Fantasy XIII! It's gonna be awesome!
by shavedGERBIL February 23, 2003
A dirigible gerbil, invented by Mark Llama of www.rathergood.com

Created with helium and a gerbil.
Look! It's a dirigible gerbil!
No, it's a dirigiberbil!
by shavedGERBIL February 23, 2003
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