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Qwafugu is everywhere. Many people think he is non-existent. Qwafugu is originated from the deepest roots of Jamaica. He is the leader of all bongs. He lives by the motto, fuck bitches and smoke weed. #SWADL (Smoke Weed All Day Long) The only person/thing that can stop the flow. The flow is the flow. Only true Rastafarians know the flow and its Inhabitants. This prophecy has been foretold for many, many ages. So welcome, Qwafugu, the leader of all bongs, Into your life. Life the Jamaican life of worshiping, the one and only, Qwafugu. Let the spirit of Qwafugu flow through you body. Take a nice puff from your bong. Release yourself and let the flow take you away.
You cannot stop the flow. Only one thing can stop the flow. And that is Qwafugu, the leader of all bongs.

Dude, only Qwafugu can stop the flow, you try-hard.

Who do you worship? Bro, it's all about Qwafugu.

Qwafugu told me to take a hit of that shit.
by Abused Taco August 26, 2012