quinn Noun- The girl that your boyfriend still hasn't gotten over, and whom he holds on a pedestal.
to quinn verb- The term used to describe your hatred and jealousy over any girl from a boyfriend/close friend's past that he holds on a pedestal.
Even though I don't know her, I'm gonna quinn her.
by Not Quinn September 30, 2007
verb, to Attack something with an intense passion and agression while ending up only harming yourself and doing little damage to the attackee.
that guy got mad at the tree and quinned it. He should know drop kicking a tree branch would end badly.
by extreme quinninator March 22, 2009
An ambrosial woman that makes you feel like a God.
My new girlfriend is such a Quinn. She makes me feel like I have effectuated greatness.
by Joaquinn October 27, 2006
meaning one of 2 similar personalities...

also referred to as TWIN
either gives akward hugs or plays musical guitar and wears funny hats, both have sloth like features. cannot resist the flavor of a wholesome watermelon breeze freeze.... sweet hair. nifty glasses. purpleish tint. strangely appealing. great at getting girls into tubs.

loved by many, hated by 6 1/2
-often use the terminology "sweet bro" and "didnt ask"
dude, check that kid with the hair, hes gotta be a quinn.

me: hey do you smell watermelon?
bay: oo thats just quinn sippin on his breeze freeze

-yo nig i heard you be with that girl all night in dat bathroom

- ya i totally pulled a quinn
by eggrolls&watermelon December 03, 2009
sexy, sometimes blonde, at time brunette 8 man member of the pop group The Used, formely fronted higly succesful emo clad *NSYNC.
Yo, that be a Quinn with Jessica Biel/Cameron Diaz/Lance Bass/Joey Fatone! Werd, Q-Moneh.
by Tristan <3's Jason January 02, 2008
to piss in a car gas tank
dude joe quinned in this car last night!
by tamato212 August 14, 2008
Sloth like person. Very slow, with a bowl cut hair. Boy.
Did you see that boy Quinn?
Yeah, whatta a sloth.
by GirlOfTheFuture October 10, 2009

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