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a disease of the neural system characterized by increased susceptibility to become "very sick or tired" on Friday nights. Caused by a lack of testicles and transmitted chiefly via the "pussy whip" or"female bitch slap", though possible by inappropriate sexual contact with men or boys. Even though Quinn's can be contracted at any time, the peak of this sickness always occurs between 8-10 pm on Friday nights. The reasoning for this is still unknown to this date, but is rumored to be directly correlated to the anal insertion of "furbies" during this time period. Mike Quinn
I was gonna go out friday night but my my quinns is flaring up
by bigwillie23 July 18, 2012
When some ones game glitches out.
Guy 1: OMG I just passed the boss level, but my game Quinned.
Guy 2: Wow I feel bad for you.
by k00l10 January 04, 2012
A direction used in fourth dimensional terms, when no other direction can even possibly be explained due to the mysterious and completely unexplainable nature of the fourth dimension.
Dawg let's take quinn up to the fourth dimension today!
by e2two July 06, 2010
A kid who is obsessed with only one part of his body, usually his pecs, and lets everything else go, including personal hygiene.
Wow, that guy smells bad but has stellar abs, what a Quinn!
by boloni08 October 28, 2010
quinn Noun- The girl that your boyfriend still hasn't gotten over, and whom he holds on a pedestal.
to quinn verb- The term used to describe your hatred and jealousy over any girl from a boyfriend/close friend's past that he holds on a pedestal.
Even though I don't know her, I'm gonna quinn her.
by Not Quinn September 30, 2007
verb, to Attack something with an intense passion and agression while ending up only harming yourself and doing little damage to the attackee.
that guy got mad at the tree and quinned it. He should know drop kicking a tree branch would end badly.
by extreme quinninator March 22, 2009
An ambrosial woman that makes you feel like a God.
My new girlfriend is such a Quinn. She makes me feel like I have effectuated greatness.
by Joaquinn October 27, 2006