Quinn's a bro. This individual knows how to chyll and gets it with ladies. When a Quinn rolls up, errbody knows cuz his subaru bumpin'. A Quinn possesses the qualities of a true thug. They have a way with phrases such as, "that's fucked", "stop.", "BOOM", "af as fuck", "my bad", "duly noted", "that's gucci", "what the fink!?", "tf", " you're savage.", "salty", "weed is tight.", "same", and "that's weed." A Quinn will usually try to think of the best word choice to boost his fraternity cred.
Catch phrase: "Hey Quinn, I got an A on my math test!", "Whoa dude that's fucked, are you yanking my dick right now?"
by chief36234 April 24, 2015
A man with too many haters and is always is right
It's okay that people are wrong but I correct them . Haters are going to hate I have a lot of haters . When quinn makes a comeback you will feel like you were thrown into a a fire John u just got burned.
by Justswagingoutsomuchineedhelp January 24, 2015
a Quinn is a slut, and someone who wants to fuck everyone. a Quinn is an anal douche in the sense that he wants to get squirted up someones ass.
A Quinn: "My Girlfriend didn't want to have sex last night, damn that's all that matters"
Friend: "Dude you're kinda being a Quinn"
by QuackZilla January 14, 2015
A 27 year old, lifeless whore on the chat site xat. She's taken nudes of herself then spread them around the online community, then gets angered when they are brought up. She claims to suffer from arthritis but continues to rage type her paragraphs about why she deserves respect. She's just down right retarded.
Quinn banned me for talking about nothing in particular.
by UndefiantFreedom October 19, 2014
a disease of the neural system characterized by increased susceptibility to become "very sick or tired" on Friday nights. Caused by a lack of testicles and transmitted chiefly via the "pussy whip" or"female bitch slap", though possible by inappropriate sexual contact with men or boys. Even though Quinn's can be contracted at any time, the peak of this sickness always occurs between 8-10 pm on Friday nights. The reasoning for this is still unknown to this date, but is rumored to be directly correlated to the anal insertion of "furbies" during this time period. Mike Quinn
I was gonna go out friday night but my my quinns is flaring up
by bigwillie23 July 18, 2012
A direction used in fourth dimensional terms, when no other direction can even possibly be explained due to the mysterious and completely unexplainable nature of the fourth dimension.
Dawg let's take quinn up to the fourth dimension today!
by e2two July 06, 2010
When some ones game glitches out.
Guy 1: OMG I just passed the boss level, but my game Quinned.
Guy 2: Wow I feel bad for you.
by k00l10 January 04, 2012

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