a very unique girl who has all the things a guy would need. Very outgoing and athletic!
woooow look at Quinn
by theoneulove May 03, 2010
The hottest piece of man-meat ever to exist; Intellectually as sharp as a knife, and with a wit to match. Quinns generally are always right, which bothers people, but Quinn then gently explains why it's okay that he's right, which calms them down. Women are naturally attracted to Quinns because of their swimmer body; Which consist of rocking abs, massive biceps, calves of iron, steel triceps, tight buns, all of which could score glass. People are always jealous of Quinns because their an absolute god in bed. Can be easily described as bi-sexy and most are usually half Asian. Quinns are friends with all the beautiful, gorgeous, popular, movie-star-type people. In fact, a Quinn created that clique. The sun shines out of Quinns anus, and makes everyone smile when Quinn walks by. Quinn is always more successful then everyone else in everything. It has been said that everything that has ever happened in history has been either the result of a Quinn, or happened to produce a Quinn. Getting a Quinn for a friend is the best thing that could happen to anyone. A Quinn will light up the dark, will make the ordinary extraordinary, and make the plain magnificent. In Quinns hands you will find trust and comfort, happiness, and joy. Quinn will always be trustworthy. A Quinn is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room, and brings a unique pleasing aroma into the room, quite like a basket of roses after a mid-days shower. Basically, Quinns are the most amazing guy you will EVER meet.
Dude: Hey, see that guy over there?
Hotchick: You the one with the glowing butt?
Dude: yes!... wait... you don't know??
Hotchick: Know what?
Dude: That's a Quinn!!! The freakin' sun shines out of his anus!
Hotchick: That's so sexy! I vow to sleep with that Quinn.
Dude: I know right? Who wouldn't??...I mean.... Have fun, I wouldn't want to.
Dudes mental thoughts: Damn it!! Curse Quinns for being so Bi-sexy!!!
by Etziodooie54 March 17, 2011
A tavern for friends where belligerent drunks hang out and weekend warriors are made. An exquisite bar located in Cleveland where the local drunkards go to get belligerently hammered. Only the most supple domestic beverages are sold. Quinn's turns your below average woman into a dime piece. It picks you up after a long week of work/school or any other troubles you may have.

Quinnsday -- A weekly tradition/holiday that some refer to as Wednesday or Friday
noun: "Quinn's is inns!"
verb: We shall go Quinnsing tonight.
adverb: You Quinnsly motorboated that fat girl last night.
adjective: When I got here that girl was GOOOOOO!, but now she is Quinnsy.
by a-train4 October 22, 2007
Quinn is the sassiest girl in the world, but the kind of sass that warms your heart. Lady Quinn's are typically hilarious and nobody else is as funny as them because they have great material that cannot be beat. They can be indecisive and quiet but they are still v awesome. They are some of the nicest and most caring people you will ever meet. They also like animals a lot. Specifically dogs and exotics. exotics as in Sloths.
Are you a Quinn? Because you are hella funny.
by yamsareyummy April 28, 2014
A name given to either a boy or a girl. In this case, a boy. A Quinn is a very weird and loud guy. He is the life of the party, the guy you go to when in desperate need of laughter or to smile. No matter how mad or sad you are, Quinn can help. He's lovable, funny, and has a contagious smile. He brings happiness to any room. But just because Quinn always seems happy, doesn't mean he is. He is also very annoying. A Quinn can annoy almost everyone at any time. He will go at all lengths to prove he's right. You can hate a Quinn. But most people love him. He is friendly with the ladies, but trusts none but 1-2 of them. Although you'll never tell a Quinn, they're almost always attractive. He either has brown or black hair, with blue or brown eyes. He can be very cocky, rude and annoying, but he overall has a good heart.
Andy: Who's that dude?
Cindy: The one around the girls? Ugh *rolls eyes* that's Quinn. He's trouble.
Andy: Really? He seems like a dick.
Mandy: No he's not! Quinn is awesome, you guys are so mean.
Josh: Yeah guys, Quinn's cool.
Cindy: *rolls eyes* Yeah, Quinn'll be cool when my Grandma says "turn up". So, like, never.
by wouldntyouliketoknow13 January 02, 2014
Quinn is simply a walking tank. Most Quinns have blondish hair and will pick up chicks very easily. They usually have the abs of a male swimmer and are usually into Aussie rules football or rugby union. Most Quinns always get complimented on how big their biceps are. Quinns usually end up with a supermodel wife and a Lamborghini Aventador or a Lamborghini Gallardo. All of this will most likely come true if the Quinns star sign is Taurus or Leo. All Quinns will have to have a dog around the age of 12-13 or a lot this may not become true. Quinn will be a pro AFL footballer
A Quinn walked through a shopping center and got 5 chicks numbers in 20 minutes
by TheOfficialDictionaryDefiniti December 23, 2013
A girl. A very pretty girl. Usually very intelligent.

Only funny when they aren't trying to be. Kind hearted. Nice. Sometimes annoying, but overall very enjoyable to be around.
I met this girl Quinn the other day, and she is absolutely beautiful. I'm 'mirin so hard.
by dumbguy April 28, 2014
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