1. The position in football that puts his hands up the centers ass before he hikes the ball
2. A refund from the payphone.
1. That quarterback sucks. Get him outta here!!
2. Hey!! I got a quarterback!!
by Danteezy Fo' Sheezy February 26, 2003
Top Definition
hovering over a public toilet in the quarterback position and taking a shit trying not to touch the seat with your ass.
Dude, that bathroom was so filthy I had to quarterback it!
by C-Mor-Buttz March 07, 2003
The dude who's banging the lead cheerleader.
rob: Hey you know steve?
bill: steve who?
rob: steve, the quarterback. he's boning tiffany right now as we speak
bill: tiffany?
rob: yeah... you know, tiffany, the cheerleader
bill: who?
rob: ah screw you.
by The Black Jack November 23, 2006
1.n In a public toilet, hovering over the toilet seat so your ass doesn't have to touch the seat
2.v To plan
3. n Essentially the leader of a football team who throws the ball and calls the plays
1. Man that toilet was so fucking nasty I had to quarterback it
2. Shit man, we need to quarterback our night or else we're gonna be stuck here at home.
3. Man Donovan McNabb let us Eagles fans down in the superbowl. Fuck that quarterback
by Devin Mirchi November 12, 2005
to manage, lead, or direct someone or something
He's going to quarterback the campaign for re-election.
by Light Joker April 02, 2007
another term form of the verb "to plan"
Yo shutup!!! Let me quarterback this thing.
by red21dragon February 03, 2005
The term for a woman who has a lower back tattoo. The theory is that a woman who rocks the lowerback tatt, she has been the the presence of at least 25 penises in her sexual lifetime. Hence the name, Quarter Back.

**Note - If said woman appears to be of loose moral fiber, the term Half Back can apply. Half Back = 50 dicks.
"Oh man... check that chick out... fierce Quarter Back!"
by El Capitan Zimmy August 25, 2006
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