A difficult or precarious position or situation; a predicament
yarrh is in a quagmire; he needs to make a new def cuz it's may 29 and has like 5 more mins till the 30th.
by yarrh May 29, 2006
The kind of thing that happens every time the US fights a war
"Great, now were in a quagmire. Thanks George."
by Mastermind September 05, 2003
A person resembling Quagmire from "Family Guy", usually a pervert with a big chin
Person 1: OHHHHHHH!!!! Giggidy!!!! I like that!!!!!

Person 2: Your such a Quagmire.
by Dic La'tolet July 27, 2010
The absolute funniest character on the tv show, "The Family Guy." He rocks the phrase ALLL-RIIIGHT. He's the sex crazed neighbor who says nothing but absolutely golden, one-liners.
Best Quagmire quote ever: He walks out of the bathroom in his robe and is looking at the girl in his bed with whom he just banged. She says, "glen honey, I have a question for you, what do you do for a living?" He says, "Hey I have a question for you too, whay are you still here?" HILARIOUS!
by The Sheen Man May 06, 2004
A really, really ugly adolescent usually around the age of 14-18. This male is so ugly that when he smiles everyone turns around to throw up in their mouth. ugly
A boy who thinks he's hott, and he's not.
"Hey Quagmire, stop smiling... ur making me sick.
by LaKiki101 March 07, 2010
a very difficult situation, especially a hopeless military campaign
Bush got our troops into a quagmire but he won't acknowledge it or do anything about it.
by The Return Of Light Joker October 26, 2007
1) figurative: A difficult situation with no easy, forseeable resolution.

2) Any such condition that results when a country deemed a Superpower wages limited, conventional warfare against guerillas, in Asia.

3) Any such condition that results when "nation building" by a self-appointed Superpower involves the creation of a Western-style Democratic government from scratch in a Non-Western civilization.
1) "I'm standing in a muddy field in the middle of a Seattle rainstorm. It's a _quagmire_, alright."

2) U.S : Vietnam :: U.S.S.R. : Afghanistan

3) Iraq, circa April, 2004
by Jiggy-Fly May 29, 2004
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