The kind of thing that happens every time the US fights a war
"Great, now were in a quagmire. Thanks George."
by Mastermind September 05, 2003
A person resembling Quagmire from "Family Guy", usually a pervert with a big chin
Person 1: OHHHHHHH!!!! Giggidy!!!! I like that!!!!!

Person 2: Your such a Quagmire.
by Dic La'tolet July 27, 2010
That mysterious orange rash you get on your penis from spending all day eating Cheetos while looking at internet porn.
If you switch over to Funyuns, that quagmire will clear right up.
by Franzshizzle April 02, 2007
The absolute funniest character on the tv show, "The Family Guy." He rocks the phrase ALLL-RIIIGHT. He's the sex crazed neighbor who says nothing but absolutely golden, one-liners.
Best Quagmire quote ever: He walks out of the bathroom in his robe and is looking at the girl in his bed with whom he just banged. She says, "glen honey, I have a question for you, what do you do for a living?" He says, "Hey I have a question for you too, whay are you still here?" HILARIOUS!
by The Sheen Man May 06, 2004
A really, really ugly adolescent usually around the age of 14-18. This male is so ugly that when he smiles everyone turns around to throw up in their mouth. ugly
A boy who thinks he's hott, and he's not.
"Hey Quagmire, stop smiling... ur making me sick.
by LaKiki101 March 07, 2010
a very difficult situation, especially a hopeless military campaign
Bush got our troops into a quagmire but he won't acknowledge it or do anything about it.
by The Return Of Light Joker October 26, 2007
Hoplessly Sticky Oppressive Situation in which no matter how you try escape is nearly impossible!
Character in a cleverly vieled propiganda FOX cartoon similar to Simpsons
Obama inherited a financial political quagmire intentionally created by the republican party to foil american health insurance reform,hopes, dreams and lives while the media lies seal our fates.

Although the Hopes of the majority of America were awakened the Quagmire of political self interest and greed continued to murder the uninsured!
by hatchetman...heads on posts August 16, 2009

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