a golf clothing company with a dichotomic brand name, pertaining to lifestyle choice and not beating yourself up for not being perfect. in a world created by the perfection of trial and error its a relief to know that making mistakes is the best thing you can possibly do.
doesnt hurt that a favorite t.v. personailty with unique tastes of a popular american t.v. show happens to be named quagmire. which may or may not be what comes to mind when talking about this brand of clothing.
"i just pulled a quagmire"
by just a dude February 29, 2012
Hoplessly Sticky Oppressive Situation in which no matter how you try escape is nearly impossible!
Character in a cleverly vieled propiganda FOX cartoon similar to Simpsons
Obama inherited a financial political quagmire intentionally created by the republican party to foil american health insurance reform,hopes, dreams and lives while the media lies seal our fates.

Although the Hopes of the majority of America were awakened the Quagmire of political self interest and greed continued to murder the uninsured!
by hatchetman...heads on posts August 16, 2009
The closest you can get to a LUEser on Family Guy.
Quagmire: Hello, 911? Yeah, this is Quagmire. It's stuck in a window this time.
by dj_gs68 November 28, 2003
n. The only word known by Max Polsky.
Guys, we're really in a quagmire here.
by Park School August 02, 2003
From the animated series "Family Guy," Quagmire is Peter's friend, a sex pervert and pedophile.
Examples of quotes from Quagmire:

Quagmire: How old are you?
Girl: 16.
Quagmire: 18? You're first. Giggedy-giggedy-giggedy!

Peter: I felt guilty about not giving Lois an anniversary present.
Quagmire: I felt guilty once, but she woke up at 11:30.

Cleveland: That reminds me of an episode of Cheers.
Quagmire: I don't remember it. Tuesdays in the 80s I was always in bed by 8, and home by 11. Oh, yeah!
by GuidoPosse69 January 09, 2005
Sex craved pervert from the funniest show ever, Family Guy
Quagmire sees a cheerleader tied up in a bathroom stall

Quagmire: Dear diary: Jackpot.

Brain: Ugh, I can't beileve you're serving a three year sentance, it seems so harsh.

Lois: Well, the only upside is that it's given me time to think about why I ended up in here. I guess I was stealin' because I was so sick of the same old routine. I felt like I had a void in my life, like, like, there was a secret hole in me...
Quagmire: Oh God!

Lois:...and I was tryin' to fill that hole with all kinds of expensive objects, and things...

Quagmire: Oh God!!!

Lois: ...and I felt wonderful with all those things fillin' that hole.

Quagmire: Oh God!!!!!!

Lois: I did this to myself, so I'm just gonna have to lay back and let the penal system teach me a lesson.

Quagmire: That one is also sexual.

Quagmire: My fellow Americans, I have not been entirely truthful with you. I did gagoogidy that girl. I gashmoygadied her gaflavity with my googus. And I am sorry.

Quagmire: Hello, and welcome to another edition of Midnight Q. Tonight we're gonna enjoy some jazz from Charles Mingus. Norman Maylor's here to read an excerpt from his latest work. And we also have a girl from Omaha hiding a banana. We're gonna find out where. Giggity giggity. Giggity goo. Stick around.

Peter: I'm gonna go microwave a bagel and have sex with it.
Quagmire: Butter's in the fridge!

Quagmire: I felt guilty once, but she woke up halfway through. Giggtty

(In the middle of the night, Peter wakes the whole neighborhood by yelling.)
Peter: Hey everybody! Meg just had her first period!
Joe: PETER! Shut up its three in the morning!
Cleveland: What the hell is going on out there?!
Quagmire: Damn it! People are trying to sleep!
Peter: I'm just saying! I'm proud of her. She's a woman! Yea!
Quagmire: Yes, Peter, that's very hot, and I'll deal with it in the morning, but right now, I am exhausted!

Quagmire: Hey Peter, uhh you have a card for if you transfered V.D. to somebody.
Peter: Uhh lets see here...uhh yep, "Sorry I accidentally gave you V.D."
Quagmire: Huh, that's all you have is accidental huh? All right I'll take it.

Quagmire: You must be this beautiful to ride the Quagmire.
by Seth Mcfarlane August 14, 2009
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