An impulse or feeling of the need to text
Where's my phone because I'm sure feeling Qwerty
by Shroomdoom_skyhigh April 05, 2011
going across the keyboard typing random stuff.
when she was completely exhausted from the overwhelming schoolwork, and the long essay, she simply qwerty-ed across the keyboard.
by alsoacountry March 31, 2011
A form of writer's block where the writer can't think of anything to say and just types letters from the top line of the keyboard in an attempt to spark creativity.
Lam stared at the monitor, fingers poised above the keyboard. Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) had begun, but the muse was a fickle beast, today serving a constipated narrative flow. Not a single word came to mind. QWERTY, Lam wrote. QWERTY. QWERTY, QWERTY until the timer dinged, signaling a half-hour had passed, and Les shut down the computer and left the house to go to work.
by Actsolotl May 20, 2010
An awkward question posed at an unexpected time, in a completely conversational tone.
when sally asked her mother whether or not she was planning to continue stealing her favorite cherry flavored lube at thanksgiving dinner, the qwerty caused her flabbergasted aunt gertrude to have a heart attack.
by Ceilidh Malone October 25, 2009
when stupid teens are bored and need something to do with life.
girl: im bored.
guy: me too.
girl: wow, we're so qwerty.
guy: yeah i know.

girl: theres never anything to do anymore.
by qwertylovaaaa August 12, 2009
1) The name of the layout for most keyboards.

2) The first 6 letters on most keyboards

3) A song by nu-metal/rapcore band Linkin Park
This keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard

by nintendofu32624 March 19, 2009
its the art of finding random words because of their easiness to type on the keyboard
i have qwerty mastered
by kony February 04, 2008
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