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An awkward question posed at an unexpected time, in a completely conversational tone.
when sally asked her mother whether or not she was planning to continue stealing her favorite cherry flavored lube at thanksgiving dinner, the qwerty caused her flabbergasted aunt gertrude to have a heart attack.
by Ceilidh Malone October 25, 2009
when stupid teens are bored and need something to do with life.
girl: im bored.
guy: me too.
girl: wow, we're so qwerty.
guy: yeah i know.

girl: theres never anything to do anymore.
by qwertylovaaaa August 12, 2009
1) The name of the layout for most keyboards.

2) The first 6 letters on most keyboards

3) A song by nu-metal/rapcore band Linkin Park
This keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard

by nintendofu32624 March 19, 2009
its the art of finding random words because of their easiness to type on the keyboard
i have qwerty mastered
by kony February 04, 2008
1. the most common username on most websites
Sorry, but the username "Qwerty" is already taken.
by WorstCaseSenario April 12, 2010
'QWERTY' the name of keyboard and also the six first letters on a keyboard. Two girls aged 13 and 14 Egypt Clarke and Larer Birkbeck started a trend of posting their status' on Facebook as 'QWERTY!' in 2009. People from then on have posted on their status' 'QWERTY' and the two girls have had to change it to 'QWERTYUIOP' so less people will copy it. The originality of 'QWERTY' has faded ever since.

Facebook - 'Larer Birckbeck posted something on your wall; (Egyptt Clarke) 'qwerty woooo ;)'
by creatorsofqwerty December 29, 2009
The process of typing while angry at someone, thus banging on the keyboard to produce random gibberish.
Don't qwerty me! I just said she didn't like you anymore.
by Lebowski the Dude July 22, 2008