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(N) Small savage rat found in Northern Alaska. Related to the North American gerbil but contains 2 USB ports.

Common Misspelling - QWURTY

Related to - Qwertige (Large group of QWERTY)

by qwertro September 22, 2008
A kick ass, experimental word meaning quere in a good way or freakin awesome
Guy A - Did you hear that new song by that chick with the funky outfit?

Guy B - Yeah my idiot of a sister said it was weird but it was so friggin QWERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy A - Yes I also thought it kicked ass!!!
by Alternitive opption December 08, 2006
The name of an anthropomorphic PC from the children's cartoon Veggietales. Qwerty did not talk but instead gave out advice in the form of biblical quotes.
We're here with qwerty to talk about what we learned today!

-Bob the Tomato
by k00ld00d321 December 30, 2004
1. The physiological processes and emotional feelings that build up in the respective bodies of L. Bradshaw and S. Soto during the climactic moments prior to their encounter.
L: "Ill be there in ten..."
G: "I already feel qwerty!"
by 8/12 February 03, 2009
1. the type of keyboard you are using
2. what windows update manisfests itself with
3. the one thing that does not have the <i>any</i> key
1. i am using a QWERTY keyboard
2. ??
3. "please press the <i>any</i> key"
"where's da fuckin any key?!"
by Ben H November 13, 2003
a keyboard ment to be the most time consumming but easiest on the keys (invented during the type writer keyboards)
um... Qwerty
by Qwerty April 19, 2004
(n) 1. a generic name for a computer geek
Tony is such a qwerty, it makes me want to strangle him with his beloved keyboard.
by Paul Lemon March 30, 2004