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The pseudonymn for the King of internet child porn.
The search term "r@ygold" is banned by default in kazaa .
by 211 March 17, 2004
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The child porn search name.
R@ygold is a search name that is used over
file sharing programs such as Kazaa, Imesh
and other various programs. It is often used by kids to find girls there age.
by Christian January 09, 2005
the tag of pedofile Richard Steve Goldberg but hijacked by other pedo-producers and general porn
Bro, check out this steamy kiddie porn by r@ygold.
by freakonaleash May 10, 2006
Actually NOT a real person; R@ygold is simply a codename used by paedophiles so that they can easily locate each other's media.

R@ygold is a keyword added to image and video files with illegal pornographic content, so that those dealing in child porn can locate and share files over P2P networks.
Only a sick-minded person would search for 'r@ygold' on Kazaa.

'r@ygold' should be banned automatically by computer software.
by bob July 26, 2004
This imfamous King of Child Porn has been distributing, collecting, renaming, and throwing these files all over newsgroups - p2p filesharing programs - and IRC chatrooms.
Dayum! Have you seen those crazy 'BabyJ' files from R@yGold on Kazaa Lite yet?
by IceIceBaby July 25, 2004
A pretty damn fucked up concept. Child porn is plain old fucked up!
r@ygold is extremely fucked up!
by J Brizzle Yo Nizzle March 06, 2005
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