Type of keyboard layout. home row is asdf jkl;
I use a qwerty keyboard.
by scott sasaki July 27, 2002
the slang word used to fill that gap when you are simply speechless, no matter the context of the situation, when no other word will do it justice.
friend: "go look at the comment Will's girlfriend just posted on his facebook wall"
you: okay
friend: did you see it?
you: umm yes... qwerty


mom: your package came in the mail today
you: QWERTY!!!
#oh my #wow #what the #yay #huh
by tenerual April 07, 2010
One of the two protagonists in the webcomic "One Small Step" by Joe Kandra. A shape-shifting alien with an odd sense of humor.
Doug (waking up after bad concussion): Yaaagghh!! Who are you?!?!
Qwerty: I'm Qwerty.
#webcomic #keyboard #alien #character #shapeshifter
by Archangel M September 19, 2007
(adj). - easily typed, reffering to the the stlye of the keyboard, to be considered a qwerty word all the letters should be in the general are of eachother, ex: all on the left side, all on the top row, etc.
the word "qwerty" is the most qwerty word there is
"look" and "kinky" are qwerty words
#qwerty #easily #typed #ease #not hard
by Mike Brady November 30, 2006
The computer in Veggietales
and so what we have learned applies to our lives today god has alot to say in his book... and so that we know gods word is for every1 now tht r song is done we'll take a look

lets see if qwerty has a verce 4 us!
#veggie #tales #veggietales #lol #god
by anonomass July 05, 2011
my keyboard
#keys #button #keyboard #life #and
by Vaance December 03, 2010
Qwerty: a female that self identifies with various aspects of 'Geek' or 'Nerd' subcultures who tends to arouse sexual desire or interest. A strictly positive personality quality which connotes sexiness, with the potential for promiscuousness, but without the negative connotations generally associated with being sexually open.
Holy shit, this cute girl wearing a 'Han Shot First' T shirt just fucked me on all fours, and asked me to cum on her glasses. I fucking love qwerty girls.
#sexy #geeky #nerdy #beautiful #slutty
by RThree September 27, 2010
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