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A keyboard originally created to slow down typists in the old days of typewriters becuase they broke the typewriters by typing too fast. Now there isn's a problem of breaking a keyboard but it is still used and is the same design that was used to slow down those typists decades ago. Why it is still in use is a mystery.
Those typists are breaking all the typewriters by typing too fast, what should we do?
Invent a qwerty key layout to slow them down
by mr x February 11, 2004
origin; hindi

alternate spellings; ghando, gaando

lit. meaning; a guy that searches for ass

mean; homosexual, fag. can also be said by a person of gujarati decent (in this case it would simply mean stupid).
1. elton john is a gando.

2. kazaa is a big-time gando.
by mr x December 23, 2004
To be afriad of anything thats practically outside, our outside itself.
person 1: I never see person 3 ever leave his house
person 2: maybe he's agoraphobic
by mr x February 19, 2004
One whom is not merely a cunt, but a cunting cunt.
Why is it that all chavs are cunting cunts?
by Mr x March 21, 2004
Inferior lifeforms who probabbly dont know jack about FE or hate the game. check final fanasty fanboy for easier reference.On a side note FESBIANs are a stupid bunch, they go to the FEGB to trash the place and when we make a topic that is somewhat related to FE the moderators delete or move our topics to the FESB where they freely trash our topic. Yet when one of the imfamous FESBians Lu Anal makes a perverted also related to FE at our board, he gets off scot free. Also Juigi Karlo is a great man. He told us about more FEs(such as seisen no keifu and Thracia 776 which are the pinnacle of FE). Overall FESBIANS sucks.
Smapdi:Liek OMG Marcus is teh se><y
other Fesbians:Renualt rocks
FEGB user:Marcus and renualt are not great nor sexy they are losers
Smapdi:"unleashes trinity and mods at FEGB user"
by Mr X August 09, 2004
Derived from the Ben Warren dialects, 'sawoit' translates to our english term 'sweet' (see sweet).
Also see Poinaches
"class dismissed"
by MR X December 20, 2004
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