In World of Warcraft: adjective used in reference to Paladin Abilities.
Paladin: "OMG Why do I have to heal? I can do damage too!"
Raid Leader: "STFU and stop QQing"
Paladin: "QQ"
by QQing Paladin September 15, 2008
Pierced Balls
Karen: QQ i failed my u.s. test
by coolio12345 September 28, 2009
-a response to something that makes you cry
Shaniqua: You're stupid
Bob: qq
by Kevin December 22, 2003
1. Noun: To deliver the most potent p0wnage evar.
2. ????: By some, QQ means to cry, but this is rarely perceived so.
1. QQ Some more fag...
2. QQ Some more fag...
by VbPeppermint November 21, 2007
In Counter-Strike: Source, refers to hitting Q twice to switch between last selected weapon and current, usually to scope out faster then hitting right-click twice (like with AWPers and scouters do).
How do you switch weapons so fast?

by psychotic! September 03, 2008
Used to explain someone crying
"Jeez man, quit QQing!"
by Hastus August 21, 2005
QQ is sometimes used on the Internet as an abbreviation for crying; it is supposedly visually similar to two big eyes with tears at the bottom. For further reading, see emoticon.
Cheater_spoted : Why did you ban me ! I do not cheat !
Admin : Anti-cheat noticed me you do
Cheater_spoted : I dont cheat ! plzz !
Cheater_spoted : I DONT !!
Cheater_spoted : !!!
Cheater_spoted : PLEAZZZ
Admin : QQ more noob, i dont care
by ArThoX April 03, 2006

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