"QQ" refers to the action of one crying due to being pawned by some other pro at a online game such as warcraft 3. "dota"

"QQ" represents two eyes with tears coming out of them suggesting the player who keeps on getting owned is crying at that stage

Usually used and seen in either dota, cs or other online multi-player games by hardcore ayshun gamers
cdp: nah man im lagging
Rjay: siffles, !DR 90

(cdp has left the game)

Rjay: wow he QQ'ed hard, 0-0-12
Extremez: zfz, dw, BEN10 TIME!!!!
by tarantadox November 10, 2009
someone who crys in a game. usally someone who is a n00b or scrub.
me: rofl n00b you should pew pew and less QQ.
by Devin.D.D. March 27, 2007
Same as "crybaby" in League of Legends slang. Usually used to refer to someone who is complaining about something he considers unfair while the rest of the community thinks he's being a child.
Guy 1: OMG, you gotta nerf Eve now, she's so OP she killed my entire team in 3 bursts! I'm sick of this!

Guy 2: Keep qq'in momma's boy.
by Enmiand September 09, 2010
Meaning "go cry noob" or "go cry" on online gaming. Used when players complain about something in game that does not have any merit except for their own uninformed opinions or bad personal experiences with the subject at hand.

Contrary to the other definitions this is neither a set of crying eyes, nor does this phrase come from the ability to alt+q+q out of b.net in Warcraft II.

"QQ" comes from the chinese language in which the word for "cry" is pronounced "ku". However, it is difficult to quickly type a set of strokes to form a word, thus, Chinese gamers could quickly type "QQ" instead.
Omg dude I totally would’ve owned you if you weren’t a LPB!

Shut up, go QQ nub.
by Serendes August 02, 2009
It typical means Crying Like Two eyes crying, but sometimes it means, Quit Crying . Massively used in MMORPG's =D
Bill: Dude wtf, you pwned me, you suck.
Me: QQ
by Wowpimp2332 January 24, 2009
Slang for Quit Crying, usually said to a whiner or complainer in a game.
How about more PEW PEW and less QQ
by oin eight December 05, 2008
Used to describe your appoval of a kute situation or event
John: Bro did you hook up with that chick?

Mark: qq
by Kutee August 25, 2008
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