1. A quality quickie.
We have both just been so busy, but my boyfriend came over for a QQ.
#quickie #quality #quick sex #quick #sex
by jstarbank July 26, 2008
In order to add a strong emphasis to adjectives they should always be prefaced with "QQ" and then turned into an acronym.

If you step in dog shit, simply inspect the offending foot and say "QQS" (quite, quite, sickening) OR if a friend comes out of a nightclub toilet with the back of her dress tucked into her g-banger, just turn to total strangers and say "QQR" (quite, quite ridiculous).

Please note the "QQ" should be said quite quickly and the last letter dragged out for extra emphasis.
#rather #quite #indeed #yes #of course
by Stephen Ellaway April 02, 2008
Abbreviation for "quick question"
"QQ, do have that $5 you borrowed from me?"
#abbreviation #question #jake #amir #slang
by TTUJon62 February 23, 2008
Quit Crying. As used in World of Warcraft
"QQ you noob." "no lewt for you so QQ"
#qq #wow #world of warcraft #noob #quit crying
by wageslave February 01, 2008
1. Used to represent crying eyes
2. "Quit Queefing"

In both cases used to address whiny nubs.
ME: BOOM, Headshot!
noob: WTF hax! gayd omfgcopter!
ME: QQ, nub.
#noob #nub #headshot #cs #pwned #queef
by [-FC-] Gun-kata October 09, 2006
To cry or complain about something excessively.
Can also be used as a response to someone complaining or whining to indicate that they are crying.

Originated on internet games as a crying face. Q_Q
It has now moved to become a popular expression for someone crying or complaining allot.
Oscar QQed when he lost the game because he thought that people were cheating.
#complain #cry #bitch #whine #quetch
by Steven Burns April 23, 2008
In World of Warcraft: adjective used in reference to Paladin Abilities.
Paladin: "OMG Why do I have to heal? I can do damage too!"
Raid Leader: "STFU and stop QQing"
Paladin: "QQ"
#qq #paladin #worldofwarcraft #whiney baby #baby #cry
by QQing Paladin September 15, 2008
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