n. When one is about ejaculate, they turn their partners head to the side and ejaculate into ones ear.
Person 1: Get over here im gonna give you a Q-tip

Person 2: Whats that? Omg what are you doing to my ear?
by GusTheLlama November 18, 2010
Top Definition
A little white stick with cotton swabs on either end. Useful for sticking in a bodily orifice where a finger can't reach
little johnny swabbed his asshole with a Q-tip and presented it to his mother
by Winnie The Shit November 08, 2003
Super smooth rapper of Tribe Called Quest fame
fartsman: hey q-tip, those are some funky fresh jams
q-tip: thanks!
by fartsman July 08, 2005
a person of much older age (60-80s) that still are some what capable of driving, all you can see is there little old white hairs creeping over the steering wheel.
This is crazy that q-tip can't drive for nothing, its immpossible for them to see over the wheel of that lincoln town car.
by court December 04, 2004
When you are getting head from a girl (or guy) and when you are at climax you turn her head and ejaculate in her ear.
I gave your girlfriend a Q Tip last night, and she said you have a small penis!
by Ryan Kearns November 10, 2004
Blue-ish stick with cotton on both sides

Used to remove what is most likely dead thoughts from the ear
man, you need to use a q tip
by Skan July 03, 2006
A skinny Caucasian male, usually teenaged, that has his hair bleached white, giving the appearence of a thin Q-tip. Usually into rap/Hip-hop. See cracka and honkey.
That Eminem wannabe is such a Q Tip
by Macdaddy5539 June 18, 2005
An elderly person. So called because, like a cotton swab, they're white on both ends: white hair and those white walking shoes!
Everyone was tired of the Q-tip who was holding up the line at the bank.
by uspowner April 01, 2006
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