A small plastic item with cotton on each end that can be damaging if used in the ear canal. It can force wax further into the ear and cause compaction. Despite this fact, ignorant people still use them in their ears...cuz what the hell are they good for otherwise?
Dude! I just came from the doctor and he said I have a massive wax blockage!

What did you do?

I used a Q-Tip...
by res123 May 25, 2011
When a man sticks his dick in someone's ear for sexual gratification.
"Last week I q-tipped a bitch so hard for talkin shit , I still got some ear wax left on me!"
by Locomon014 January 28, 2015
Refering to an elderly person or one with white or grey hair.
"I work with a bunch of Q-tips."
by b_r_e_w September 08, 2008
Similar to the cotton swab ... a Q-tip is when you gradually, but unexpectedly, insert your penis into a woman's hatchet wound with your underwear still on.
"That slut thought she had gotten it all, but she was shocked when I slipped her the Q-tip."
by Glimpze740 July 10, 2008
Old farts with grey or white hair....
"Get off the road Q Tip!"


"Hurry the fuck up Q Tip my coffees gettin cold!"
by duffyoldskool October 15, 2011
This is the act of a man engaging, vaginally, in sexual intercourse with a women while she is menstruating and still wearing a tampon. The erect penis pushes the tampon further up the vaginal canal resembling a Q tip.
I totally Q tipped that girl last night. (verb)

I was so drunk I gave my girlfriend a Q tip. (noun)
by Martinangelo June 04, 2009
Term used in reference of the elderly. Most commonly used to describe the women who have their hair permed into a white poof on their heads, which is their only identifying characteristic while driving.
Hey, Q tip! The speed limit is 45 MILES per hour! NOT KILOMETERS!!!
by mDex October 19, 2005

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