The most awesome dance of all time, as seen on "Hitch".
Q-Tip, Q-Tip, throw it away.
by I DON'T WANT A NAME! August 26, 2005
Loves to recieve anal, mostly from messiah , also likes to take an assplunger to his own ass to find special goodies that might be up there.
My ass feels a little raunchy, maybe I should call qtip.
by Muslim Lover December 01, 2003
rapper who sings "Vivrant Thing"
Tell your 14-year-old sister that wasn't a Q-tip in her ear last night... it was R. Kelly's dick.
by Nick D February 10, 2003
The best invention ever. Used by some to poke out their brain, hence their lack of intelligence.
Man, she's so dumb she must have used q-tips today.
by Carrie Anderson May 08, 2006
A elderly person operating a motor vehicle.
The Q-tip in front of me was going 25 in a 45 mile an hour zone.
by Angie December 16, 2002
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