Arizona slang for an elderly person, usually a snow bird. Recognizable by the cotton on the top and stick body.

Old person who cannot drive for shit.
Damn dude, you almost got ran over by the qtip in the Cadillac.
by Ken Gman March 04, 2008
"q tips" are define as watermelon seeds. In the late 1890s people from the soviet russia decided to call watermelon seeds "q tips"
Sarah: Hey! i swallowed a q tips!

Kenneth: Really?? Me too!
by MolaYo. July 07, 2011
1. A paper/plasic stick with cotton on both ends of it.
Used to clean wax out of your ear or touch up your makeup.

2. An old person with white hair and white walking shoes.
1. "I hadn't cleaned my ears for 5 days. When I finally did, I could hear better, and SO much wax came out! I had to use 3 Q-tips before it was all out!"
"Haha. Sick!"

2. "This Q-tip was deaf! I had to repeat myself, like, 30 times!"
"Dude...That sux!"
by Bond, JAMES bond! April 24, 2009
Epithet of Quanell X (Quanell Ralph Evans), leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, Texas.
Did you see Q-tip leading the civil rights protest at city hall yesterday?
by Texasblueknight January 21, 2013
n. When one is about ejaculate, they turn their partners head to the side and ejaculate into ones ear.
Person 1: Get over here im gonna give you a Q-tip

Person 2: Whats that? Omg what are you doing to my ear?
by GusTheLlama November 18, 2010
An elderly white haired person.
My old teacher is a Q-tip.
by Lara Julianne May 05, 2008
The frontman for the legendary hip hop group from Queens, A Tribe Called Quest who is often called abstract. He did most of the rapping and writing along with Phife Dawg and has gone solo. A lyrical genius and one of the smoothest rappers in the game.
Who is that guy who left his wallet in el segundo? That was q-tip.
by muddahfuckah123456789776347876 February 20, 2013

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