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A person wearing a turbin on his/her head.
The Q-tip at 7 eleven asked me for ID before I bought the forty.
by Leon February 27, 2003
28 72
Q-Tip also known as "albino" is a rare breed. The scientific name, "albinous qtipous maximus". There is actually only one Q-Tip who lives in Jville(search it). It isnt not very hard to spot this 6'4 creature in his lifting black "JEEP" but keep your eyes out! YOU DONT WANNA MISS THIS RARE SIGHT!!!
Co- Dude what was that!?
J- Man that was Q-TIP!!!
by JLindy April 18, 2005
11 56
A "soft" whiteboy
A whiteboy who is not tough.
by Austin August 20, 2003
13 60
Ingnorent, aragent, dumb sun of a bitch with a buzz cut
sean brock got a buzz cut now he looks like a q-tip
by thomas sweeney September 14, 2006
7 57
When you are having sex, you defecate in your partner's ear and then wipe the poop out with your penis.
Hey Carlos, I just q-tipped your mom last night.
by Carlchard January 18, 2007
43 97