An innocent, wholesome person, a virgin, untouched.

Girl: Louise is so pure it's endearing.
Boy: Yeah, it's sweet.
by HappyGirl1993 October 27, 2010
1.Very, extremely.
1.That My Brother Woody e.p. is pure brilliant.
That was pure sly what you did to Doug.
2. Oh, the pure, pure.
by Eldritch August 29, 2003
pure form of ecstacy. not cut with anuthing, usually in a capsule
"got any e?, are they pures?"
by jilldo December 28, 2003
Nickname for a form of E.
Usually in powder form, people say it's "better" or "more pure" than ecstasy.
Yeah, well I did a few lines of pure, and i'm feeling better than you
by Stupid&Naive. November 24, 2010
Pure is a lifestyle.
To be pure, one must achieve ones own goals previously set for themselves.

Have all the qualities that people want in a good friend/lover.
Dress how they dress.
Take's L's but learns from them (haha)

Pure may also be used as an adjective or stand alone as an adverb.
Pure fire
She's pure (fire, hot)
That's pure (cool, tight, hard)

I'm pure.
He went pure.
That's pure.
by culturerich February 25, 2014
Puré means that everything is going to be just like swimming through pudding from here on out. It means the way clouds feel and Frank Sinatra's voice sounds. Can you feel it?
"I got an A on my exam. It was Puré, man."

"I'm really happy right now. Puré."
by Evariste June 01, 2013
A way to describe someone's terrible smell, look and general horrific outlook on life.
Will: 'Dude, look at that guy over there with the socks & sandals, muddy jeans and holey jumper!'

George: 'That bloke is so pure!'

Will: 'Pure!'
by MALANC September 09, 2011
Whiskey, probably and/or especially Irish whiskey
Took a drop of the pure to keep me heart from sinking, that's the Paddy's cure when he's on the drinking. - "Rocky Road to Dublin," Irish drinking song
by Drunken Homeworker October 01, 2006

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