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a word used to describe anything funny, sweet, cool etc... use instead of the word "sick"
During the football game, John had a pure catch.
by strawberry creep October 05, 2009
1 5
Something or Someone who is very nerdy and Toddy!
That guy is so pure!
Those clothes are so pure!
by its the goof troop August 16, 2007
6 11
Good weed or hash. "Pure" grass, no seeds, no stalks in it.
Give me a hook up on dat pure.
by jonny March 04, 2005
11 16
Previously Unrecognized Recruitment Error

Someone who looks good on the resume, kicks ass in the interviews, and somehow self-destructs and falls apart in the office.
Our newest hire met every qualfication, had the exact background we were looking for, displayed energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence in the multiple interviews, and completely fell apart after she started the job. A total letdown, we had no idea she would be PURE.
by MzunguGirl November 27, 2006
10 16
A multiplayer game server option, when activated, blocks all clients which uses mods or cheats. Also see unpure
I can't join a Quake3 pure server because I use mods.
by Mr.Beacon June 11, 2003
7 15
diss, dry, burn, anything meaning that you got insulted bad.
he said :You're fat!
Someone else said: Pure!!
by Kink-a-tron February 19, 2007
1 12

1. Taking a large objectional mass of food and shoving it in your mouth all at once.

2. Eating as much food as you can, as quick as you can.

3. Can also be used as a substitute for just about any verb you can think of.
-Wow, Bubba really pured that double bacon cheese burger.
-Hurry up and pure that steak, we have to go!
-Holy crap, that car almost pured me! I guess it's always a good idea to pure both ways before you pure the street.
by Jack LeFestu January 18, 2007
0 13