Used to emphasise how good or pleasing something is.
Basically another word for very.
"That song was pure boss!"

"I pure love that"
by Wood June 29, 2003
1. Anything that is good or that invokes a feeling of goodness.

2. Used before a word to increase its importance.
1. Dude Weezy's rap on that track is so pure.

2. I'm about to go take a pure dump.
by itsjacksond00d December 15, 2009
a word used to describe anything funny, sweet, cool etc... use instead of the word "sick"
During the football game, John had a pure catch.
by strawberry creep October 05, 2009
Something or Someone who is very nerdy and Toddy!
That guy is so pure!
Those clothes are so pure!
by its the goof troop August 16, 2007
Good weed or hash. "Pure" grass, no seeds, no stalks in it.
Give me a hook up on dat pure.
by jonny March 04, 2005
Previously Unrecognized Recruitment Error

Someone who looks good on the resume, kicks ass in the interviews, and somehow self-destructs and falls apart in the office.
Our newest hire met every qualfication, had the exact background we were looking for, displayed energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence in the multiple interviews, and completely fell apart after she started the job. A total letdown, we had no idea she would be PURE.
by MzunguGirl November 27, 2006
A multiplayer game server option, when activated, blocks all clients which uses mods or cheats. Also see unpure
I can't join a Quake3 pure server because I use mods.
by Mr.Beacon June 11, 2003
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