Used in Carpinteria , CA circa late 80's/early 90's. Possibly still in use.
Meaning something is lame, or boring.
Probably from an insult to something being
virginal, or not rebellious.
Can be dragged out in a stoned stupor as
"Dude, that movie was pure".

Dude #1:"This weed is bunk".
Dude #2 "Puuuaaarrr"!
by shoalbait August 28, 2010
lots of
bryn brings pure money to school
by tom and steve October 25, 2003
Pristine and begging to be sullied.
"Why don't you put on that school uniform and call me Sir."
by sachi D February 21, 2005
1)Chemestry word meaning totally or completely
2)100% with no addictives or preservatives
3)Used in west Scotland as an exaguration word or in east Scotland wrongly by people who want to be from Glasgow
1)Pure gold
2)Pure apple juice
3)"Aye you're pure bein a bam. I'm pure ragin'"
by random bulldog August 03, 2004
A word used by the many chavs who populate this world, or used by people with intent of mocking them, pure is soemtimes used at the end of a sentence to make a complete contradiction of a statement to induce sarcastic humour.

Yes or no maybe placed in front of pure depending on the context.

Paure is an alternative version of pure
James: I am definetely going to the cinema tonight... PURE


Tom: Well I have most likely passed my exams.

Kyle: ... Pure

Tom: What the hell! no pure.
by YesPure April 29, 2010
Composed of a single, homogeneous feature, and free of anything else.
Snakes are so pure, they don't even have legs!
by Puppster September 06, 2006
Used to emphasise how good or pleasing something is.
Basically another word for very.
"That song was pure boss!"

"I pure love that"
by Wood June 29, 2003

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