When something is sick as fuck and there's no doubt about how tight that shit is.
Karl: Dude I just found a penguin tooth

Nik: That's pure.
by killerninja April 10, 2011
Adjective. Being extremely excellent or awesome
Ryan: check out this awesome song!
Andrea: thats sooo pure!
by Bakerzman February 04, 2009
On the streets, pure is 100% uncut methamphetamines. Normally pure will be quite a bit more expensive than normal meth if you know the right people.
Me: Hey man I got the connect on some pure.
Friend: Sweet man how much for the normal fix?
Me: It's gonna be twice that man.
Friend: Thats insane man!
Me: Well hey man you gotta pay the price if you don't want
it to be cut with baby laxatives or some crap like that.
by MatthiasXIV August 23, 2006
1) Meaning that something is opposite of what you just said, said at the end of a sentence
2) can also be said to make something sarcastic
Because your not fat, PURE! - meaning they are fat
by TITFACECUNT January 14, 2010
1. Not tainted by negative experince

2.No life experince

3. 100%
1&2: She is so pure; she has no idea what sex is.

3: 100% florida Orange Juice!
by Cait Sith Cat December 08, 2002
An intensifier in Scottish slang.
Pure dead brilliant!
She's a pure shag, man!
by Iain January 10, 2005
A modifier used to add emphasis to a thing or action.
<mindbomb> jesusgeeks is pure high traffic
by Linguica November 07, 2002
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