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The act of masturbation. Commonly known as jerking off...
Since she left i've been punching the clown like twice a day.
by Nick Conte October 04, 2005
1.pounding your peter until it pukes

2.pulling your pud

3.spanking the monkey

4.slapping your shit

5.manipulateing your genitals
Jason got caught Punching The Clown by his mom.
by Kenneth L. October 27, 2005
To grab your pecker and vigorously stroke it back and forth, almost to the point of rugburn. Also known as Roughing up the Suspect.
I caught Joe punching the clown while looking at a picture of Martha Stewart. Sick bastard.
by Naughty February 08, 2005
The act of repeatidly stroking the beast in a fashion to which others may think you are choking your own genitals.
Stop Billy!! It looks like you punched the clown into a coma!
by ChangWang April 30, 2003
Yet another term describing male masturbation.
Little Johnny has been busy all night punching the clown.
by Punchline67 April 22, 2006
To put simply, jerk off.
I walked in on my bro Nate as he was punching the clown. Then I joined.
by TheGordo March 11, 2016
describes the act of whacking off: originates from the image of the head of the penis looking like a clowns nose.
-What were u doing in the bathroom for so long?

-punching the clown...
by schoolisgay July 12, 2009
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