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Asian American Hip Hop Artist signed to the Ruff Ryders.
You might spit like Jin but he does it better.
by Hank November 05, 2003
The act of male masturbation
"I Punched the clown yesterday while thinking of you"
by Hank February 01, 2003
originally used in old new york for poor irish son of a bitch who cant make any money so he steals all he gets
"look at that little fuck"
"yeah, his parents are a couple of fidlam bens"
by Hank November 28, 2004
A combination of "Meh" and "erg"
A reaction to when someone says something to you but your to lazy to say anything back but still want to show that you don't like it.
-seemeh and erg
1st person - "YOU SUCK!"
2nd - "Merg....."
by Hank November 29, 2003
Absolute best game ever. Nothing comes close. Half-life 2 does not even come close. One reason is you can play it many times over and still find new stuff.
It took me 6 time to find the floorboards in Alex's room.
by Hank January 20, 2005
A party of females with no males present. This often leads to drunken lesbian experiences and experimentation.
My girlfriend went to the tuna party last night and made out with 2 other girls a the same time... I wish she had taken pictures.
by Hank May 20, 2004
1. A rubber boot
2. A condom (used)
3. Verbal bus stop rap
"I notice you aren't wearing any galoshes. I'm wearing galoshes."
by Hank February 01, 2003
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