The stuff that's not really fat and not really muscle, usually found in a roll around the midsection where the "rock hard abs" would be located if the "rock hard abs" existed. Pudge does not jiggle of its own accord, but is pokeable. Pudge is usually found on girls of medium size without too much mucle mass.

Often made worse by wearing skinny jeans or belly shirts, during which time it can be confused with a muffin top.
Suzy: I hate these jeans! They fit me great, but they give me such bad pudge!

Mary: Pudge?

Suzy: Yeah. You know, the stuff on your stomach that's like ... not really fat.
by Charline November 29, 2007
The requirement for a friend to sleep with your boyfriend/girlfriend so that you can dump him/her.
"Listen mate I need a favour. My girlfriend's doing my head in. Can ya pudge her?".

by Will Marston May 19, 2003
One that is of a chunky weight. Guy from K.C. everyone wants to be like. Is the ony and true lord
Pudge is one badass mofo
by Pudgery September 26, 2003
Pudge is a relitively harmless fat body from Kansas City. He enjoys eating food... alot, and he also plays videogames.
Pudge! Stop eating my cat you fat pieces of shit!
by The Great Geebus February 27, 2004
Fatty from KC whos cooler than buttered toast
Pudge is my Jesus
by Jerry Garcia December 05, 2003

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