A fat balding North American with a double chin. Often wanting to poke anything they come in contact with. If finger be broken, sporks can be used.
Your mom is a pudges.
I am a pudges.
by TigurX December 09, 2003
a slang word to take place of some bad words. pretty universal and shares multiple defenitions
you mother pudger
oh, pudge
#fml #pml #pudge #pudger #crap #cuss
by madebyTJ May 24, 2011
Shortened for 'pack fudge'
Hey Micko, did you have a good pudge session at home with your boyfriend today on melbourne cup day?
#pack #fudge #pudge #gay #homo #poof #bum sex
by malargus November 01, 2010
A somewhat cute penis with personality
Oh jesus Pudge is looking at me
#penis #hooja #cock #purple headed warrior #dick
by Without you February 02, 2007
Pudge is a word meaning Vagina that a lot of little girls are taught to say instead of "down there"

it derives from the cree word "pudgin" meaning Vagina.
"Man, you kicked me right in the pudge!"
by Farren H May 28, 2005
Nickname of Carlton Fisk, one of the best catchers of all time. He hit the most dramatic home run of all time.
Pudge was even better than Ivan Rodriguez.
by SoxFan August 21, 2004
The requirement for a friend to sleep with your boyfriend/girlfriend so that you can dump him/her.
"Listen mate I need a favour. My girlfriend's doing my head in. Can ya pudge her?".

by Will Marston May 19, 2003
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