A semi errect penis.
I got a pudge just looking at her.
by Rope March 07, 2003
A name to call yourself when you're with your best friend. Often used to refer to yourself in the 3rd person. Usually seen with Neep.
"Pudge didn't mean to"
by neeplovespudge March 25, 2014
Soft, Fluffy; Soft Belly fat; the fat over your abs.

Poke her Pudge to get a Woo hoo.
by Yvette84 May 29, 2011
the sickest mother fucker in the valley he loves boobs an pussy has fucked 25+women and 6 virgins weighs 250 lbs blond blue eyes 6 foot tall
Carl"whos driving that old granpa car"
Jdogg"thats that nigga pudge
by nipples4pudge March 09, 2009
A fat balding North American with a double chin. Often wanting to poke anything they come in contact with. If finger be broken, sporks can be used.
Your mom is a pudges.
I am a pudges.
by TigurX December 09, 2003
a slang word to take place of some bad words. pretty universal and shares multiple defenitions
you mother pudger
oh, pudge
by madebyTJ May 24, 2011
Shortened for 'pack fudge'
Hey Micko, did you have a good pudge session at home with your boyfriend today on melbourne cup day?
by malargus November 01, 2010

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