A member of or belonging to the very notorious group of children and adoloscents that promisciuosly prostitute themselves or showcase their bodies for the viewing pleasures and displeasures of those surrounding them. Often times they indicate themselves by a prodigious amount of make up and a bare minimum amount of clothes, which is their beacon to pedofiles and young sexual bloomers alike.
Often these tribal figures are armed with baby poon and prostitosticles.
Man 1: hey man, look at that prostitot... she must be seven by the looks of the cleavage she is trying to show.
mAN 2 : crap, i think i just vomited a little in my mouth. her skirt is show casing a thong that i didn't know they made in her size.
man 1 : It's probably a midgets thong....
Man 2 : No, actually, i've seen those at the local Libby Loo.
Man 1 : Fucking Bratz dolls....
by Skidmarkpanda May 26, 2009
Top Definition
A young girl with too much makeup and not enough clothes.
That prostitot should put on some clothes.
by Jason December 18, 2003
An obviously underage girl who dresses like a whore...
The junior high just let out...look at all them prostitots...
by ideal June 25, 2003
Prepubescent girls who already dress like whores
by gg July 31, 2003
Those 12-14 year old girls who dress like underaged prostitutes..generally found hanging around malls.
Though they may not look like it, Prostitots are still illegal to touch.
by Joshua January 18, 2004
Children who dress in revealing, adult type fashion. May include hair and makeup styles that are not age appropriate.

Kids who dress like club chicks and whores.
Where does that Prostitot think she's going, school or to the club?
by Maggie April 22, 2004
A child resembling, or working as a prostitute. Usually the result of admiring britney, xtina or their skanky-ass mother.
Stacy put on her assless chaps and went out to play on the swings/pick up men. Fuckin prostitot...
by team anus November 17, 2003
(n) 1. Young Girl who dresses in a scandelous manner. 2. Female preteen intent on attracting adult men.
That prostitot is showing her diaper.
by Aaron Sinwell August 27, 2005
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