8-12 year old dancers at Abby Lee Dance Studio (Reign Dance) in costumes for their "Electricity" number, and "What Comes Around" number.
"Its just embarrassing for our daughters to be up there looking like that. They look like prostitots."

"When Abby walks in with these costumes, all I'm thinking is: This is prostitots the sequel."
by Dance Moms Definitions August 10, 2012
a young girl who sleeps around alot but is too young to be a prostitute
clair is such a prostitot
by jessica H September 07, 2006
Pre-teen girl who often has not yet entered puberty or just entered puberty who dresses in revealing clothing. Easily recognized by short skirts and camisoles with chest pads; often accompanies by ugly pre-teen "skater" boys. Enjoy spenging long hours at the movie theater.
Did you see Jojo's video for "Leave"? She is such a prostitot!
by Mojojoyo June 28, 2006
A young girl who dresses like a prostitute. They can range anywhere from pre-school to 13 y/o.
Dude, I saw a total prostitot!!! She was like 3ft tall and wearing hoop earings, a mini skirt, and a belly shirt.
by gopre51275 June 04, 2006
pre-teen girls that like to dress like skanks; young girls who emulate the clothing style of Christina Aguilera during her dirrty phase
Man, look at those prostitots
by Karen H. May 02, 2006
a younger girl who generally makes company with older males, using both her sluttiness and younger age to whore herself endlessly
did you see that 12 year old at the frat? yeah yo, textbook prostitot

she's such a prostitot--she blew me when she was in the fifth grade
by dipsetanthem555 January 07, 2009
Young girls who act like hoes and prostitutes. Any underage female (often referred to as 'toddlers' because of their age) that is and/or dresses promiscuous and slutty. Young girls acting slutty and trying to deceive men that they are of age and able to 'party'.
Look at her...she can't be more than 16 and trying to take that older guy home...what a prostitot!

This party is such a tease...full of nothing but worthless little prostitots!
by Clever99 April 30, 2011
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