A dyslexic 12 year-old girl who thinks she's 21 and dresses accordingly. Thongs, tank tops, short skirts and other revealing clothes are the hallmarks of the prostitot.
Prostitot: Want a lapdance?
Guy: What are you, like 12? I'm no pedophile
by DUTF September 28, 2005
A small child who dresses like a prostitute in clothing, make-up or other things. Also a random insult to confuse stupid people.
"That little prostitot's shirt is smaller than some of my bathingsuits."

"Did you see Ally's shirt? She is such a prostitot."

"My computer is a prostitot."
by Bey April 20, 2003
A whore who sells herself for tator tots
I only gave 3 tator tots for that! What a prostitot!
by awesome darkness June 09, 2009
Pre-teen girl who thinks that she is actually more mature than she is. She dresses like she is 25 (a slutty 25 year old), wears, tons of makeup, and usually smokes and drinks. These girls usually hang out at malls (since they cant get in anyplace else). Since the mall is the only place these girls go on Friday and Saturday nights they usually dress like they are going to the party of the year. They are the only people at the mall dressing like they are going to a club (even when it is 20 degrees outside).
Ew, Bob, dont look at that girl! She is a prostitot and TOTALLY too young for you!
by prettyinpink March 21, 2005
A young girl, usually between 10-14 and commonly 12 or 13, who dresses in revealing clothing. Prostitots are usually young girls who want to be seen as sexy and mature by the older men around them, and therefore end up wearing far too much makeup and dressing in what they think is sexy but simply looks skanky. They usually look like mini prostitutes, which is how the name came about. Prostitots may or may not be interested in sex; some are, and others are simply mistaken about what makes them look grown up and glamorous.

Can also be used as a random, nonsensical insult, though this usage is uncommon.
"Did you see those little girls in all that makeup and those high heels hanging out in the mall?"

"Yeah, they were total prostitots."
by Iridosmine November 21, 2006
A girl under the age of 15 who dresses look a whore or with prostitute tendencies.
My friend's little sister is a prosti-tot
by Yam man August 02, 2004
Young girls who dress like prostitutes.
After the concert, I saw a group of prosti-tots chasing the tour bus.
by guido420 March 16, 2006
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