N. A Prosti-tot is a young underage girl dressed to get laid, aka jailbait.
Damn, this truck show is full of Prosti-tots!!!
by Dirk Diggler April 28, 2004
An underage girl who dresses like a prostitute.
Every Friday afternoon this town is filled with prostitots. I need to ask for ID before talking to anyone.
by Rabidmogwai March 06, 2009
A young girl who dresses in a way that is inapproriately revealing for her age. Prostitute + tot = prostitot.
Did you see that prostitot? She couldn't have been more than 15. Who the hell let her out of the house dressed like that?
by Elaine25 July 08, 2006
young (elementry) little girls that dress like prostitutes..
your sisters are prosti-tots.
by roccoo May 27, 2006
A white trash young girl around the ages of 10-15 who acts and dresses like an older white trash woman, specifically a Prostitute.
Hey look at those Prostitots over there...they should put some clothes on.
by Haley Boppins July 13, 2004
a preteen girl who dresses like a prostitute in skanky clothes.
"Damn, look at that 6th grader. She looks like a prostitot."
by razorblade_cherry August 04, 2005
1. a young girl, usually between the ages 12 and 15, who dresses in revealing, tight, and age-innapropriate clothing primarily to recieve attention from older men ( most likely boys between the ages of 16 and 19).

2. a girl younger than 18 who has sex for money or drugs.

3. a girl who, like def 1., is younger than 15 and willingly participates in sexual activities with older boys because she thinks it is cool. these girls are sometimes even the instigatores or shameless flirting with previously uninterested boys because they need the attention.

prostitots under each definition most likely have a father who didnt love them enough when they were toddlers.
def 1-
boy1: did you see bryans little sister today? she looked HOTT in those tyte ass white jeans.
boy2: dude, shes fucking 13.
boy1: so, she doesnt look like it.
boy2: yea, i see imprisonment for statutory rape in your near future.
boy1: hey, its not illegal to look.
boy2: whatever, its not like she would doing anything with you anyway. she just a 13 year old tease... fucking prostitot.

def 2-
dude1: jeez, how old is she? *points to girl sucking dick in corner*
dude2: i dunno. cant be more then 16... isnt that the dealer you bought from a while back?
dude1: yea... ill bet shes turnin tricks.
dude2: can you say prostitot?
dude1: ... yea, i can. why?
by ghettostarchild June 19, 2007

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