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An assmaster that also works as a doctor.
Proctologist: "Did you see the game last night?"
Jim: "No, did we beat them?"
Proctologist: "We didn't just beat em, we rectum!" (rimshot)
by KaiserMonkey August 23, 2003
a dismal excuse for someone to stick his/her hand up any person's anus.
i went to the proctologist and got legally raped.
by P.Diddy Poppa Nox July 22, 2003
That specialty in the medical profession that seems to attract doctors with large, outsized hairy knuckles and are loathe to trim their fingernails.
Dr. Hamfist, my proctologist, apologized for his recent weight gain and said he would be unable to remove his ring, but, that he would proceed gently.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
someone, who at some point in their life, decided they wanted to work on peoples asses
the proctologist stuck his entire arm up that fat dudes ass
by guy mann-dude September 25, 2008
One who receives sheer joy by inspecting and treating patients assholes.
One day my roommate and I went to visit our proctologist, Dr. Eurwin Konbonschleuden for our periodical asshole inspection.
by Jim Jim420 October 25, 2009
Also known as: A shitty job.
Ernie: You know Burt, McDonald's would go under if you weren't there to run the frier!

Bert: Yeah, I'm a regular proctologist.
by Big Turd Burgler April 10, 2008
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