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Putting off working on something important to play video games.
I had and essay due today but I was procrastigaming last night. Then I just fell asleep.

Dude, that guy never gets anything done, he is always procrastigaming.
by TheDahminator May 24, 2011
playing video games or other games while more pressing matters loom.
I should be doing my lesson outlines, but instead, I've spent the evening procrastigaming.
by metabettie February 07, 2010
prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən,gām,iNG- Noun - The act of delaying or postponing something with video games.
"I was Procrastigaming to the point were I forgot my anniversary. Not that I would remember usually, just trying to use this word in a sentence."
by Gone_Urban August 27, 2014