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Procrastibator comes from the words procrastinator and masterbate and means to procrastinate by masterbating. Usually, this is one of the most common and more enjoyable forms of procrastination, but can also be incredibly dangerous to the work "at hand."
Jeff: Make sure you write tonight... and don't jack off or watch TV.
Hunter: Are you calling me a procrastibator?
by [tosser] August 23, 2008
A person who puts off doing things for the purpose of persuing 'instant gratification activities' instead.

I am such a procrastibator - I didn't get my assignment done all weekend and now I'm all sore.
by krakadoom August 29, 2008
Some one who puts off some thing to masturbate.
That guy is a real procrastibator. He spent the whole day masturbating instead of doing his report that's due tommorow
by OoJesusoO April 25, 2011
Someone who thinks about doing things but is just masturbating instead and never does anything.
I'm a terrible procrastibator- I think about it and dream about it but I never get it started.
by adzeman21 September 18, 2015
Someone who procrastinates and puts off their obligation to masturbate.
Man, I was in front of my computer for 8 hours last night and I didn't fap until right before I fell asleep. I'm such a procrastibator.
by Rumplekins May 27, 2009
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